Tuesday, 26 October 2021

In search of the obvious

 "Do you not know that we are to judge angels? How much more, then, matters pertaining to this life". 1 Corinthians 6:3.

It's always refreshing when you come across something that makes a series of observations which "click", purely because it resounds with common sense.

Matthew Crawford's current 'Unheard' piece on health and the cost of currently being defined as "healthy" provided just such a moment.

Beginning with the absurdity of making his daughter don a mask to run around an open field for soccer practice, he notes how seeking to do the 'genuinely rational thing' can often currently entail breaking the rules, and that this usually comes at the cost of being deemed anti-social (perhaps even threatening). This brings to the fore the thorny issue that, in most of these miss-matched circumstances, there is no figure or body you can reasonably appeal to in order to make your reasoned case - there's just 'the ruling' and those complying with it (woe betide you if things 'develop' to the point that "persons" do arrive to enforce this).

So, the choices are that you conform, or you do not participate - those are the only actual options, and given this is so, the majority choose to "do" what's been set, however ridiculous the action may be (if sober reasoning was to be employed).

Some eighteen months plus into all of this, it's now clear that another problem has often become endemic - the "requirements" are so widespread, so commonplace, they have simply become habitual. Once again, compliance is therefore assumed.

This is where things become... interesting.

There may, by now, be very clear arguments to press that some or all of the actions imposed are actually without merit - that they are being implemented as a result of "advice" from Government 'nudge' think-tanks (which have been employed in this crisis all along), so what is being undertaken is to foster a particular, "disturbed" response from the general population in order to 'encourage' a very directed reaction to the trouble. Social restrictions and medical requirements become eagerly embraced and questioning of such is vehemently discouraged as outrageous.

Fear becomes the "vaccine"  which counters individual concern. Humiliation commonly trumps those who attempt to cross the 'normative' forms of the moment - and it equally levels all those who conform to the imposition of control.

The impoverishing of us all is clear. What was defined as essential for impacting upon the crisis now pervades a manner of oversight, a 'definition' of what should determine our inter-actions as humans that derives from a philosophy which defines such eccentricities as perfectly acceptable (imposing whatever authorities deem it 'reasonable' for us to do).

The "administrative state", empowered directly by national leadership, "gersumps" constitutions, state or county legislators, and human rights."Laws" are, in effect, imposed without the normal procedures to form, amend and frame them. It is a supplanting of the power structure that has shaped the modern world since its first introduction under the Saxon Kings.

Now, 'expert' cells of technocrats provide key data directly to exclusive leaders so action is immediate and undisturbed by notions like democracy. Only when the deed is already complete are 'lesser' bodies informed, and then only partially.

The notion behind this is not derived from a policy to merely provide necessary medical treatment - it is intent on a journey to transform society via means far too impatient to conform to necessary convention. Therein lies the difference between power and and authority.

In the modern 'Psych supermarket', the 'impulse' buys are the ones continually placed at our eye level. easily run-trough the social check-out, we are expected to make the dash for such "goodies". The UK Government has a working group (in residence since 2009) to ensure we do just that, and this is echoed in bodies including the UN, the EU and the W H O. It is estimated that some 400 such bodies of this nature are now employed by Governments and influential corporations (social media) across the world.

The consequences, notes Crawford in his piece, are evident - outlandish "medical" necessities become the moral norm.

When such methods become tied to a particular political will, then what was once deemed as imperative in a free society - the rights of the individual - become archaic, or, perhaps, anarchistic. Most certainly, they are deemed an 'impediment' to the new (unrestrained) "progress".

"Liberation" becomes 'true' only if it conformed to such means and ends - the old can be neglected, indeed dismissed, because what has been 'bestowed' is defined as so much better - it will always do you good, so must always be employed, without questions.

When first referring to the 'small' trouble of the virus early in 2020, the 'leader' of the country quickly spoke of how we would be seen as 'supermen' before it - donning a swift solution so we could move along with 'weightier' concerns. The garb of our day is branded with the manner of 'visor' outlined above - a mirage of external industry devoid of any real care or cure for our abyss-like troubles which clearly cries out our need for a far better remedy.

The superficial surrounds us.

Now, by deliberate policy, such 'guides' or impedes all instruments of power.

The 'den of vipers' must be undone.

The 'curating' of information must end.

Our questions, our quest, our union to what is imperative, must be full and true.

This alone is the vitality that sustains genuine public health.

This is the nature of truth, which makes us profoundly free.


Wednesday, 20 October 2021


 "Now Jericho was shut tight, within and without, so none could go in or out, because the people of Israel had come".  Joshua 6:1.

They were still a common sight in London in the days of my childhood - bomb damaged areas from the war, where remnants of prior homes had stood, now merely unsafe remains, barred with corrugated fences in the hopes of keeping inquisitive youngsters from venturing into such places. They were never successful, and many a time I joined my cousins and sister in playing in such places, to return home with skinned knees or bruised arms.

Condemned places.

Jericho would certainly have appeared to be a strange realm to be given such a tag. Wealthy, prosperous - a major city in the land with what must have seemed a golden future, but all that changed when a particular "blight" became evident. After what was, perhaps, years of rumours, the Jordan had suddenly dried and that strange people marked by the presence of "El Elyon" arrived. No doubt these city folk had already heard of their coming up from Egypt, of how even the cruel brigands of the desert, the Amalakites, had failed to overcome them. Now, they were at their very gates, and there was no way to prevent what was about to occur.

Rahab willingly fully embraced them, and thereby became enveloped in their story, but the certain victory ahead would be marred by the manner in which the very 'meme' of Jericho would break-in, remain and infect the Israelites, spelling out the inner canker that would impede them continually in the ages ahead.

We recall, no doubt, the strange manner in which the Lord of Hosts instructed Joshua to engage in conflict with the place - no material siege towers or battering rams, as God's warriors, no doubt, cleared the 'rulers in high places' holding sway over this Canaanite stronghold, until, the moment of triumph closed, and the mighty noise broke the final barrier of the supposedly unreachable walls, and the entire city was bare before their advance.

The Lord's command was clear - devastate the abominable place and take nothing as personal spoil (Joshua 6:18). The contamination could not be allowed to continue. Sadly, Achan didn't heed the instruction and did the opposite, leading directly to a humiliating, dreadful defeat before the city of Ai (Joshua 7). This transgression had to be exposed and rectified before any further work could proceed - only after the evil was exposed and what was defiled expunged could the people move forward and truly claim their inheritance.

There are always going to be insurmountable "issues" when we seek to accommodate things that are compromised.

Jericho's foundations were said to rest on the murdered children of its first king - one child killed before birth, the other shortly after - certainly a tradition which fitted with the "worship" practices of the region. The Lord is clear that a culture established upon such henious "norms" must not be granted refuge under heaven - their evil was worthy of only becoming ash. Achan's attempt to compromise with such things by seeking to keep their gods (idols) safe speaks volumes about how we so readily can attempt to seek a middle ground between being in the 'camp' of God's children whilst still seeking to accommodate what we deem 'wise' or acceptable from other dangerous sources.

Imagine what would have happened if Jericho's "ways and means' had gained full sway over the house of Israel. Actually, we don't have to - just read through the book of Judges and the history of the Kings to see just how often this manner of concession took hold of God's people and how ruinous the consequences were, finally concluding in the tragedy of exile from the land God gave them.

The church today is meant to be the place where God's "Ark" (presence) resides, but have we given way in this same fashion to the allure and ease that the 'wisdom' of the age places before us?

We would like to evade such a problem - surely, churches are not capable of committing such an obvious collaboration with wickedness! The Epistles of the New Testament clearly show us otherwise, and when we read the admonishments of Jesus to various churches in the book of Revelation, we should clearly become aware of just how easy it is for us to fall exactly into this kind of erroneous behaviour. That is why we need to be concerned about just how close we become to the mindset of the present powers and the policies they impose upon us, especially when this leads to a prevention of faith in practice.


Tuesday, 19 October 2021

Friday, 15 October 2021

The Policy

 "Justice is turned back, and righteousness stands far away, for truth has stumbled in the public square, and uprightness cannot enter".

Isaiah 59:14.

I had a most peculiar encounter yesterday. After receiving an automated call informing me that a delivery would be arriving up to three hours late, the delivery driver rang me and the following conversation ensued...

"Are you one of our regular customers?"


"How narrow are the roads near to you?"

"well, perhaps a tad narrow in a few places".

"I'm on your estate... so I'll use the trolley. Please keep an eye out for me".

Well, I kept an eye out, and as the driver delivered my goods, he explained that he'd been involved in 'an accident' early in the week in a narrow roadway, so 'the policy' was now to not drive along "unknown" roads... in case of 'narrow regions'.

I wondered if this was 'policy' for the business he worked for, or merely something he'd decided upon himself due to his experience. Either way, it spoke a great deal to me in respect to our present circumstances.

MP David Davies made an impassioned statement this week about the necessity for the very civil liberties once more being threatened with cessation in the months ahead, but much more than this, he exposed the Government's bare faced hypocrisy concerning vaccine passports, comparing this week's Tory conference (where none were required as large numbers socialised for hours) to a visit to a leisure venue (where they are, or shortly will be), noting that this entire approach has nothing to do with public safety, and everything to do with coercion (by the way, the original link for this statement was pulled by You Tube shortly after it went live, so hopefully the link I have here will still be operating!).

"Policy", as the first report into the official UK response to the crisis this week shows, was a woefully lack-lustre and misguided thing in every respect, bar one - the vaccination program. This has been pursued and pushed with a resolve and industry that matches the tracing program of South Korea last February - the continuing roll-out now pervades almost every age-group in the population, and will almost certainly, as is now on the agenda states-side, finally include infants.

Any criticism of this, especially when it seeks to query the materials employed, is deemed conspiratorial in the most deplorable of forms (social media now actively culling it almost entirely), and this leaves Christians with a serious problem.

The Prophet Isaiah speaks of the evacuation of truth from the public forum and that this leads to a time devoid of righteousness. The very next verse tells us that the consequences of such a lack is that we become 'prey', and also those who will know God's displeasure.

Why, then, do so many believers follow a line concerning these 'vaccines' that view it entirely viable to use them on the basis of what is deemed "remote material co-operation" (in this case, a cell-line derived, but not actual material that was taken from an aborted child)?

The argument appears to be that because of this 'distance', there is, in essence, no actual evil directly involved in respect to the vaccine's recipient, but as others have already noted the reason that this is possible at all is because our society condones such murder continually and, in reality, this manner of immoral use is perpetual, so is there, in truth, any "remoteness" whatsoever?

Church authorities and the like may like to play such games, saying those of us who say this approach (deliberate murder of the unborn is evil, and so is the use of their remains - period) is wrong are, in their opinion, suffering from nothing more than a miss-placed conscience, but this is, in the light of scripture, an evil which merely compounds the vile sin of the original death.

Sin isn't something that just ends in the moment in occurs. The continual damage it brings about destroys us (James 1:15), especially as the prophet shows in respect to the dismantling of truth and the dissolution of what is truly upright.

The church is principally sided with the policy that there is a single solution to this present trouble - a single experimental material which is clearly doing a great deal of harm amongst a significant proportion of those who receive it, and a clear strain of ongoing contamination amongst an even larger number of those who continue to receive a third or even fourth dose. In the meantime, stringent Government policies are refusing to see the value that has come about either through the building of natural immunity in the population, or the effectiveness of other workable treatments against the virus. This has left the majority of the church crippled and paying homage to a policy that is clearly dangerous and derived from evil. This cannot be good.

It is my hope that as this tragedy continues, more Christians will awaken to the awful poverty of this and repent for the wickedness brought upon us by such a policy.

Sunday, 10 October 2021

May I come in?

 "Beware that there is not found among you a root bearing poisonous and bitter fruit - a person who when he hears the words of the sworn covenant, assures himself that he will be safe, even though he walks in stubbornness of heart". Deuteronomy 29:19.

This morning I watched a well-known Christian reporter in Australia speaking to a packed out venue of hundreds about the present crisis and how we can so easily be motivated into all manner of behaviour because of the over-arching narrative of fear. He sought to encourage them to what he saw as a better way - of seeking to continue to be there for each other, and to hold fast to what is good.

Tuning-in to a local church broadcast following this, there were prayers once again that the program to defeat the virus with the current process of jabs would continue and grow to ensure our safety - presumably because not only mainstream clinicians but the Government(s) (globally) are advocating this as the only approach to take to end the crisis...

...but this comes in a week when one of the world's most prestigious medical journals (The Lancet) has published comprehensive data to show a continual and worrying decline in the efficacy (effectiveness) in the MRNA materials in use amongst almost all age groups after only a very short period (several months), and that this period appears to be reducing. Added to this, these materials do not prevent those receiving them from being contagious with the disease or, in some cases, from becoming ill and dying with the virus, even in those regions where the latest 'booster' version have been administered.

Clearly, then, if we are seeking a clear success in implementing this program to bring about the 'zero covid' result spoken about in the early part of the year, we are very, very far from that, and yet, authorities still seek to act in respect to policy in ways which they have deemed necessary to support this solution, whilst casting what can only be deemed as a damning narrative against any possible alternatives.

This is the state of play as hundreds of thousands of workers who have sought to give a great deal throughout the crisis to this point are now being deemed no longer employable purely because they personally will not allow themselves to be jabbed, and those very policies will now exclude them from service.

This is now deemed permissible as larger sections of society are allowed to employ discriminatory requirements against those who, for various ethical, social or medical reasons, seek to continue to live within the choices a free society should provide, in spite of the malice and harm now being metered to them.

Yet the church prays on for the success of these means.

"La'anah" is a Hebrew word for a plant which produces an intensely bitter oil. In the New Testament, the Greek equivalent is used by John to speak of the devastating impact of a 'star' on earth in the last days - wormwood (Revelation 8:11), which poisons the very waters with its toxic bitterness. It's also the term used in passages like the one above, which warn us of how men will turn away from the covenant of God to their own devisings in respect to safety and confidence, believing they can achieve something above and beyond what is provided in God alone.

Since March 2020, the majority of the Christian church has conformed itself to a process of 'progress' devised by men and corporations which, at the very least, have agendas other than benevolence when it comes to their motivational imperatives - and that's putting it mildly! This has lead us into a course of action which is clearly ongoing and continual, and whilst we may have enjoyed a short spell of reprieve for a few months, it has already become clear that this is expected to end shortly for another lengthy period to come - not, it should be noted, to merely deal with an expected growth in viral cases, but, even more likely, because of seasonal flu and the influx of demands at hospitals in respect to this.

What is occurring, in other words, is the policies that have been employed to deal with a pandemic will now be rolled out and implemented in relation to illnesses we have, until recently, taken to be part of the common nature of life. This will most certainly mean a curtailing of 'normal' activity for all in the times to come.

The church must decide if such perpetual restriction is not only acceptable but moral and reasonable in respects to a Christian world-view, and if it is not, what must be done to counter this growing narrative of fear in our society.

We cannot allow the bitter-ing nature of this evil to take root and grow amongst us.

Thursday, 7 October 2021

B u r n e d

 "I beseech you, dear brethren, by His astonishing mercies, that we present our bodies as living sacrifices, acceptable to the most high, which is our true worship".

Romans 12:1.

May we be those consumed by His grace, to convey the beauty of His love.

Trouble along the way

 "Remember what Amalek did to you on the way as you came out of Egypt - how he attacked you when you were faint and weary, and cut off those who lagged behind. He did not fear God. Therefore, when the Lord has given you rest from all your enemies in the land, you should blot out the memory of Amalek - you shall not forget".

Deuteronomy 25:17-19.

So, you have lived in a day of miracles, witnessing the plagues that have fallen on those who enslaved you and the wonder of being 'brought through the waters' to escape tyranny... but the journey isn't over... not by a long way.

First, there's a wilderness to cross, and whilst provisions are literally heaven-sent, the arid nature of the place is bringing a great deal more to the surface - the inner propensity for a return to 'leeks and onions' of what you have left behind which are far more favourable to this barren hardship (even though you may have eaten them in chains).

That's not all.

It turns out that the Egyptians were not the only ones after your hide.

The Amalakites were the worse kind of brigands. Desert dwellers who were known to the Egyptians and Babylonians as the 'plunderers', they clearly had a reputation for harming those who crossed their territory who were weak or poorly defended.

They struck the Israelites at Rephidim (Exodus 17:8-13), and would later rally their forces for a second time in league with the Canaanites (Numbers 14:45), and then again with the Midianites (Judges 6:3) - a constant irritant who sought to continually oppress and decimate God's people.

This wasn't a problem that was going away - because Saul later compromised and spared their king, the people of Israel continued to be plagued by their plundering for centuries.

We may be aware of the 'big picture' when it comes to our redemption - the deliverance God makes ours in the Salvic work of Jesus, and we are, no doubt, all too aware of the struggle in ourselves to deal with the pull back to what still troubles us (as Paul shows in Romans 7), but there's often an even greater threat - those forces which seek to prey upon us and overwhelm our life and faith in open warfare against the Lord by devouring us. That is why the Lord asks his people to do two, seemingly contrary things, in respect to Amalak - to remember AND to forget.

The remembrance (bringing to mind) is essential because whether we're in the desert or more at ease, the threat is still very real, so we need to be aware (Mark 13:37), but the other side of the coin is the repudiation of such enemies. We are to recall how God Himself fights against them and will bring a victory over them. The Israelites witnessed God do just this in the desert, and, in spite of Saul's compromise, still works to rout them (1Samuel 15).

It's no mistake that the Apostle John picks up on what is clearly 'wilderness imagery' when he is outlining some of his large visions in the book of Revelation. As with Amalek, the great enemies of the faith (the beasts, the dragon, the false prophet) are all related in various ways to this place, which is clearly a picture of the present 'cosmos' (fallen realm) and our journey through it (hence the view that this (present) world is not home - we are strangers, passing through).

The marauders of our badlands are not often present today as barbaric ruffians - they prefer to come with a garb of pleasantness and a smile, but they still prey upon the weak and the powerless, and seek to overthrow the exclusive work of unmerited grace amongst needy souls, for they hate the truth found only in Jesus.

Their 'seed', even their memory will not endure, but for right now, we cannot afford to be unaware of their nature and intentions, and the only resolve that is effective against such is WAR. They cannot be allowed to prevail, for their final objective is the end of all that is good.

It's an important lesson to learn.