Tuesday, 2 October 2007

From the corner of your eye

"Every December sky, must loose it's faith in leaves,
and dream of the spring inside the trees
How heavy the empty heart, how light the heart that's full,
sometimes I have to trust what I can't know".

Beth Neilsen Chapman.

A journey across the English countryside almost always sparks the artist in me, even on grey and murky days like today. As I watched the mist hang amidst the dips in the hills and noticed jewel-like displays of raindrops upon saturated webs, I was reminded of how nature can 'breathe' hard into the weave of us and bring joy and connection to a realm which both astonishes and embraces.

One joy that I relish is a still morning when you find yourself walking a country lane and the fragrance of new honeysuckle bursts upon your senses for the first time that year. The moment fills you, making you almost giddy with the strength and beauty of what you encounter, but also brings an agony, for the moment is fleeting - the fragrance hard to keep, causing us to both seek to 'hold' that fragile enchantment and to equally yearn for it's speedy return.

As I looked upon the shapes, patterns, colours and contours today of what surrounded me, I realized afresh that our lives are meant to be as rich and enticing, as deep and as varied as the earth that surrounds us. The attraction of life is life! That is the yearning and desire of God, expressed in the revelation of Christ, to share life that full.

After a weekend shared with good friends and a journey holding such thoughts, perhaps you also can inhabit a similar moment of pause... to 'smell the roses'...

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