Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Beyond the Hollow World

"All men need something greater than themselves to look up to and worship -
they must be able to touch the divine".

Walsingham (played by Geoffery Rush) in Elizabeth:the Virgin Queen.

Truth may not always be popular, but it usually finds a way into public view.
Back in the mid 1980's, a BBC Horizon documentary entitled "Science Fiction?" * made a telling study of the present value and understanding of our world through the lens of science and concluded with a very telling statement:

'Science will remain powerful not because it is true, but true because it is powerful'.

Two decades on, we have come to realize just how costly that reality is. The shocking analysis provided in the TV event of the year - Adam Curtis' three part examination of the modern world, The Trap - reveals just how invalid an analysis of the human condition based purely upon mathematics and biology can be.

Looking at how Cold War Game Theory has been employed in almost every field of modern life - from Government performance targets for the public sector, to psychiatry to social policy, The Trap exposed how the prevailing 'scientific' view that we are mere machines - organisms to merely pass along genetic data - was a flawed, poor definition of the human being. Whilst 'self interest' certainly plays its part in the world's markets, humanity in general simply does not conform to the 'rationality' or aspirations such models have sought to impose upon Western (and through 'regime change', other) culture. There are deeper needs, deeper truths to be faced about us than those merely defined by so-called 'hard data'.

The reality is that there are 'far more things in heaven and earth' than those defined and sanctioned by such philosophy - the inherent 'twist' in our natures, the need to affirm the obscured but none the less real fingerprint of the one who framed us and calls to us implanted deep in our selves - we only create a darker 'light' when we ignore or rush from such truths.

The inner scream for reality must be met. We are called to journey beyond the hollow world.

*BBC Archive details here: http://catalogue.bbc.co.uk/catalogue/infax/programme/LFSA340A

'The Trap' (all three documentaries) can now be viewed in sections on You Tube.
Here is a link to the first section of the first programme:

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