Sunday, 31 August 2008

The Missing Explaination

"It is only by coming into contact with the reality of the eternal that the weight of this life is adequately felt". Mike Horton.

It's a truly marvelous situation - to be using creativity and skill to create something (in my case, images) that causes some people to pause, and it's even better when it provides an opportunity to discuss who and what we are.

Last weekend, I spent about four hours having a deep conversation with one of my muses and her boyfriend about the significance of Christianity. It always fascinates me how the same ol' excuses are arranged front and centre to seek to mitigate (dodge the bullet) of the message of the gospel...

'we're all 'divine' (part of god) and are more spirit than body'

'we all have a will to determine where we go'

'we're all capable of being good if we so choose'.

It's at moments like this you realize just how essential Jesus' teaching about what we really are is - how the Law needs to break such hard soil and convict us and then how the sole authority of Jesus needs to be recognized as THE Lord and Saviour.

It was a truly meaningful discussion, with my muse confessing, 'to really be different and to know the truth, we need a miracle'.

The miracle is that the same power which sustains every particle of this universe everyday, that gives us sunlight and rainfall, that can bring life to those who are dead - the same power that spoke creation into being, can speak into our lives and make them new.

Please pray that such a miracle comes to those we have the privilege of breaking and sharing the word of life with, and that we as children of grace can expel the canker of duality from our lives so that rather than impoverish this world, we can richly define God's true glory amidst the world He loves, that many may come, may taste and see.

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Steve said...

We so want our friends and family, our co-workers, to get it.

It's frustrsting that we cannot say a few things that will snap them out of their unbelief.

But as St. Paul reminds us in Romans 1:16, "I'm not ashamed of the gospel for it is the power of God..."

God's Word will not return void and in the telling of the story from one to another...He is there.

They are no more blind than St. Paul was, or that I was, or that you were.

In the discussions you have with them, the gospel is actually being done to them.

I pray that the miracle requested will be the miracle granted and that the Lord Jesus would find it in His grace and mercy to make your friends His own.