Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Beauty amongst the ashes.

I'm no great fan of contemporary Christian 'worship' music - it generally lacks both the depth and sublime majesty of the great psalms and hymns of previous times - but there have been some very 'on track' Christian musicians over the last 30 years when it came to "speaking" the truth (both to our times and to the church), using the medium of the day -rock music - to do so.

Here's a recent find that confirms that just such an art is alive and well:

Christians can, indeed should, engage with the culture well, and artists like this show we can 'say' something today.

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Steve said...


That was a very well done, and heartfelt contemporary song.

I have to admit, I still am a caveman when it comes to modern culture.

But I did enjoy the song. And I know that you are right. We should engage the culture at some level, but I think we just need to be careful about giving in to it.

Keep up the great work, Howard!