Monday, 1 April 2013


A selection of helpful thoughts and quotes from Martin Luther's commentary on Galatians:

"Grace does not bring such a change in us that we become perfect in all things. There yet remains certain dregs of the old nature and corruption. Someone naturally inclined to anger, for example, although mollified by grace (so he becomes more meek and gentle), knows that this natural vice is not utterly quenched in their flesh... Therefore we should not have confidence in our own thoughts which create a confidence that we are entirely purged from old vices".

"We must wrap ourselves in Christ and know Him to be wrapped in our sins, our malediction, our death, and in all our evils, as He is wrapped in our flesh and blood... this is the singular consolation for all Christians".

"The Law requires and exacts of us our works. The (gospel) promise offers to us the spiritual and everlasting benefits of God, and these are offered freely for Christ's sake".

"The lack is not in Christ, but in us, when we do not put off the flesh, to which sin continuously cleaves as long as we live".

"Therefore, do not judge according to the notions of sin and the flesh or the law, which trouble us, but only according to the promise of God and fixed point of faith, through which Christ has been promised and delivered to us, who alone is our perfect and everlasting righteousness".

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