Tuesday, 15 October 2013

'Tis (nearly) the season... to warm up with a good read.

I don't know how it is with you, but I often find that the colder months 'encourage' me to settle down in a warm spot with a good book, so I thought I'd suggest a couple of theological treats that you might care to share and enjoy in this season. These are by no means new titles, but they are all currently available for a reasonable investment from places like Amazon.

(Ignore the 'click to look inside' instruction on some of the illustrations here... you have to go to Amazon to do that!)....

1. Putting Amazing Back into Grace by Michael Horton.
If you're after a very readable work that places the essence of what Christianity is all about into a set of inspiring and easily digestible chapters, then this is it. I first read this explosive little volume in the 90's, and it literally re-aligned my understanding in a manner which has aided me to define genuine Christianity ever since. Penned by one of  the most insightful Christian thinkers of our generation, this one is well worth a look.

2. Creation Regained by Albert Wolters.
Another work that cannot be recommended enough, this brief insight into the nature of how Christianity impacts upon all of life will have you thinking, studying and discussing a plethora of issues and subjects in a way which is seasoned with the richness of the work of Christ - it opened vital doors for me into early church theology, the arts and contemporary culture. Highly recommended for anyone who is keen to know more about the scope and depth of the faith.

3. The Progress of Redemption by Willem Van Gemeren.
As Creation Regained gives an overview of the key themes of Christian theology, this volume invites you to examine those themes through wading into the deeper waters of scripture. From Genesis to Revelation, the author unpacks the cardinal issues of faith and life in a theological context and provides a framework which encourages thought and study on these rich themes.

4. Heaven is a Place on Earth by Michael Wittmer.
Pretty much an easy to read expansion of Creation Regained, with lots of useful material to use for personal and study purposes.

5. Six Modern Myths by Philip Sampson
A really helpful work which dispels some very common miss-understandings about Christianity's view and relationship to matters such as Science, Spirituality and the material world.

6. Where God Meets Man by Gerhard Forde
A really down to earth little volume which studies the Reformational approach to the Gospel and the ramifications of this.

and finally, a personal plug...

7. Preparing for Heaven on Earth by Howard Nowlan
Which seeks to distill the wisdom of all of the above (phew!), and is still available from Amazon UK.


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