Friday, 8 June 2018

Breaking the perpetual lies

"At one point I - I wondered how high up this thing goes". 
Carl Bernstein - All the President's Men.

One of the highlights of this month was getting to see The Post. Based around true events that lead directly into the Watergate affair and the downfall of the Nixon presidency, the movie asks a telling question - what do we do when we find out that the world has been sold a lie?

Poison is always more palatable when it's offered in something deemed as 'good'.
In the case of Vietnam, the lie was that America would defeat communism.
In the case of National Socialism, Germans were told that they would live in a reign of triumph that would endure for a thousand years (a sham to hide the real agenda).

For all of us, the evil was injected when we believed the lie that we could be masters of our own destiny because we thought that would make us free. The devil has had a field day ever since.

Just think for a moment about the examples above.
Think about how, in our own country, there has been a conspiracy of silence regarding the victims of continual abuse for decades.

Social Darwinism bellows that what doesn't kill us makes us stronger, but that is the mesmerism, the conditioning, necessary to keep us slowly dying from the cancer we all house inside.

The Scriptures make it clear that our enemy - the power behind such evil - has a very clear program in regards to us: to steal, to kill and to destroy.

When a culture, a product, a religion, sets out to enslave us, to de-value our true purpose, then we need to recognize the agenda behind that, and expose it for a lie.

The same is equally true in the church.
When Martin Luther re-discovered the essential nature of the Gospel of Grace, he could not keep silent. Though his life would become entirely overshadowed by trail and hardship as a result, he knew that he had to speak, because the very life of men and women was at stake, and the darkness and ignorance of the age had to be broken.

It speaks volumes that this week, the Archbishop of Canterbury stated that the most significant event in the history of the last 1500 years was not that heaven-sent moment in Wittenberg some 500 years ago when the teaching of the Apostles was loosed once more, but that what really counted was a treaty construed in Rome to establish the E U!

Instead of rejoicing in the message which sets men free, why should we extol a litany of lies 
? (Note, around the 11 minute mark onwards of this documentary, how the Heath administration knew the true purpose of the joining of the EEC was the creation of a federalist state, even as they lied to the country about this, and did it anyway!).
Why should church leaders seek to expunge the rightness of what Luther and the Reformers gave back to the church?

The venom that inspires and perpetuates such deceit runs deep
"let us burst His (God's) bonds asunder, and cast them away" cry the 'kings' (leaders)of the earth (Psalm 2:3), but such work only leaves us imprisoned in those delusions sold so easily to us by the murderer of all that is good.

To become those who are truly wealthy and wise, we must be those who listen to the truth that David expounds in Psalm 2.

Slavery is all we can know until the Son sets us free!

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