Saturday, 4 January 2020

Long Overdue

What's the best way to start a new year?

Amidst the rush to re-shuffle all manner of personal goals, let's take a moment or two to do something far more worthwhile - bury a common lie.

It's assumed today that we've got smart enough to live without what is usually said to be 'myth' now, with 'religion' being top of the list (not stopping people from being 'religious' in all sorts of new ways, of course), but what if the reality is that the reverse is true - what if what is commonly accepted as 'science' and therefore correct is a lie?
What happens when we discover that what we build our everyday life upon is totally mistaken?

The facts you're about to face aren't new - this brilliant piece, written by the one-time atheist, C S Lewis, was penned decades ago, but what it says about the myth believed by our secular times is just as correct now as then, so I warn you,
if you watch this material, prepare to be shaken!

2020 could be about to take a very different direction, so listen carefully, and discover why we often follow what we think is best rather than the truth.

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