Thursday, 15 August 2013

Amidst Sacrifice and Worship...

It's clearly a good time for Science Fiction.
I recently watched, with relish, the superb first episode of the fan-produced episode of Star Trek continues; a show that is really seeking to proceed from where the original series left off, and is not afraid to pull out all the stops to do so:

The first show is a follow-up story on the god Apollo, brilliantly played once again by Michael Forest. Kirk and crew find themselves having to deal with a being who expects humanity to be servile to his needs and his need for their worship, but as events unfold, Apollo and the crew are reminded that there is a far greater force in the universe - compassion, which leads a person to extraordinary action.

The episode makes some very telling statements about what humanity is, and what it truly needs to be made whole, and whilst the notion of worship here is very simple, virtually one-dimensional (and therefore a caricature of what worship itself is actually all about), it is used well to reveal what can occur when an understanding of the divine is ill-defined.

The conclusion of the episode is superb, and entirely in sync with Star Trek's long-standing practice to speak about what truly counts, here or amongst the stars. It profoundly reminds us that healing only comes when what truly offends - miss-placed notions of ourselves, of religion, and life in general - are removed and replaced by a love that entirely gives itself to meet the need of our current condition... a love at the heart of the life and work of Jesus Christ.

It's great to see this kind of Trek being made again, so all my best to the team. Watch, enjoy, and be reminded of the one who truly came from heaven to love us in this manner.

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