Sunday, 11 August 2013

What if...

I really love Science Fiction. It's a genre which allows us to really examine and explore our existence, and, at it's best, raises thoughts and questions that make us stop... and wonder.

The last 40 years have allowed us to do justice to visualizing some of this material, but occasionally, amidst the popular blockbusters and money-spinners, a gem gets overlooked.
Final Approach, released in the early 90's, is just such a gem.

The first film to be made in digital sound, it uses stunning visuals to focus on what is probably the ultimate character story (to say more would be to give too much away!). Aside from a very short limited contracted release, the film has never been available on DVD, but it is now available to view on line!

There isn't a single person on this planet that doesn't believe in something about who they are and why they are here - as a friend stated recently, Atheists actually believe in a bigger miracle than theists, because they believe that everything came from nothing. Movies like this help us to think deeply about the big question... Why?


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